Hebert Research | A Bellevue Based Research Firm, Advancing Knowledge for Thirty-Five Years.

The development of Downtown Bellevue was dependent on the studies performed by Hebert Research. Our research findings helped change the zoning that allowed for the central business district expansion, the Bellevue Collections master plan and the stunning Bellevue Downtown Park.


Hebert Research

A Bellevue Based Research Firm, Advancing Knowledge for Thirty-Five Years.

Selected Services

Focus Groups


Discussion groups of between 8 and 18 individuals provide critical insight as to the relative strengths and weaknesses of products and concepts.



Charrettes are informal brainstorming discussions led by an expert facilitator and consultant.

Key Person Interviews

These are like focus groups, this type of research provides qualitative insight into critical issues without attempting to measure penetration, demand, or awareness.

Intercept surveys


These are ideal for use at special events or when conducting research on a specific location.

Research Areas


Product Development

Using the statistical sciences, methods are developed to measure and forecast products from complex software and medical devices to consumer goods. Products are a set of independent variables that can be clearly defined and quantified.

• Website Usability • Concept / Product Testing • Positioning / Differentiation • Feasibility • Competitive Analysis • Taste Testing

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Market / Pricing Demand

Price setting is about understanding the value equation and not just the cost of production. Similarly, price elasticity research is not linear, so merely cutting the price will not necessarily result in increased demand.

• Demand Forecasting • Price / Volume Assessment • Price Elasticity • Market Segmentation • Economic Impact Analysis • Economic Forecasting • Brand Awareness / Assessment 

More Research Areas




    Hebert Research is well positioned to integrate both retail and packaged goods research within an industry context. Our firm effectively engages consumers, while educating, enabling and motivating manufacturers, strategic channel partners and the sales force.


    Economic feasibility studies of arts projects from Southern California to Alaska are dependent on our firm. The jewel of this work is the Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibition in Seattle, including audience development, pricing, and venue selection.


    Effective governing and winning elections comprises two things: policies that lead to people increasing the health of social life and economic vitality of local businesses, and the ability to effectively communicate how these policies have worked in the past and will work in the present market. Our service achieves both.


    Multi-faceted research for single-family and multi-family residential projects is valued for the local, national and international markets. Several master-planned communities were based on our economic feasibility and demand forecasts.


    After seven years of operational research, Hebert Research discovered through temperature control via hydro cooling the quality of Washington cherries could be rated number one. Washington cherries are now a major national export.